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IT LOOKS LIKE Shahjahanpur’s city officials have taken the climate change threat to heart. They recently bought a snow removal machine, the sort usually seen ploughing through snow-laden roads in the thick of winter in countries like Canada. This in a Uttar Pradesh town where summer temperatures touch over 45degree Centigrade. When the story made it to the newspapers, an executive engineer from the civic body was quoted as saying, ‘We found the machine quite important for our city and we bought it.’ A few days later, officials said the machine could also be used to remove garbage. Snow or trash, Shahjahanpur is ready for anything.

Submitted byRAJEEV KONDAPALLI,Secunderabad.Source:

OUR OBSESSION with anything Bollywood continues. A Bengaluru-based Twitter user recently tweeted a picture of his engineering exam from the Air Force Common Admission Test. Tucked between complicated questions of physics, chemistry and history was this multiple-choice nugget: Deepika Padukone has received the Filmfare award 2016 for Best Actress for the movie … followed by four options. Now you know what to tell your mum the next time she asks you to switch off the television and study.           Source:

EVER HEARD of people being banned from a country’s mountains? A couple from Pune, who are also police constables, have been banned from climbing the Himalayas in Nepal for 10 years. They made it to the base camp of Mount Everest and later claimed they had summited the peak. The couple even submitted images as proof in order to get a climbing certificate from Nepal’s tourism ministry. The photographs apparently belonged to another Indian mountaineer who had climbed the peak. The duo had simply super-imposed their faces on to the images. Their claim unravelled when other mountaineers pointed out discrepancies in their story and pictures.


 for the hidden jailbird in you. Tourists can now experience prison life in the 220-year-old District Central Jail of Sangareddy, Telangana. All they have to do is pay Rs.500 to be jailed for 24 hours. They will get a khadi prison uniform, steel plate, glass, mug, bedding, soap and fan-everything a self-respecting prisoner would need, according to the state prison manual. Meals and tea are as per the jail menu. Fully paid-up ‘prisoners’ will not have a work schedule, though they do need to keep their barracks clean. So far, no tourist has signed up for the ‘Feel the Jail’ experience. Wonder why.

Submitted by:DR NARENDRA KUMAR,New Delhi. Source: The Times of India

ABOUT 1,200 brand new stringed cots were laid out in a field in Rudrapur, Uttar Pradesh. They were supposed to be an important symbol of Rahul Gandhi’s khaatsabha, a campaign covering 233 assembly constituencies. But it wasn’t meant to be. As soon as the speeches were done, the audience exited, khaatsin hand, making a quick getaway, some balancing the cots precariously on their heads. As one villager said,’What will Congress leaders do with the cots?’Indeed, the trend seems to be spreading. Villagers from the Ambedkar Nagar district, the venue for Gandhi’s next meeting, made off with the khaats as well. Efforts to stop them failed rather miserably.


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