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A girl with scary prays

David had a wonderful family. His parents were nice, he had a loving wife and a little girl, who prayed every night like she was taught. Once, David went to her door to say good night and heard that she was still praying. She said:
– Bless mum, bless dad, bless granma and bye bye granpa. A little confused he went to say good night and they both went to sleep. Next morning his mum, the girl’s granny, had died.
In the evening dad listened the girl pray again:
“Bless mum, bless dad and bye bye granpa”.
Next morning her granpa was found dead.
Scared, David went his daughter’s room again and heard just what he scared:
“Bless mum and bye bye dad”
He couldn’t sleep at all the whole night. In the morning he did all his chores much more careful than usually, drove to work very slowly and even more careful back home. When he got there, he realized that it was evening already and that he’s not going to die. Releaved David went to his wife, wrapped his arms around her waist and said:
“I had a horrible day at the office today.” She got mad and said:
“You think YOUR day was awful? My day started with the milkman dead on our carpet!”

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