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THE INDIAN ARMY is very strict about their rules, even if it is for God. A makeshift temple had been built in a forward post and everyone would assemble there for puja. One evening, the commanding officer joined them and he was surprised to find Lord Krishna alone on the pedestal, without his consort Radha. “Where is Radha?” he asked.

“Sir, she can’t come here,” a jawan replied, “it’s a non-family station.”



AS I WAS PASSING through the Delhi Cantonment area on my
way to work, I spotted an extraordinary placard on the gate of an army officer’s quarters.

The sign read: “The Dog is OK, Beware of the Owner!”



MILITARY AUTHORITIES have a penchant for naming (and renaming) everything around them on war heroes. So, though I live on Ponappa Road, the street is now called Captain Vikram Batra Road. But the gate to our house opens into Akbar Road, which has been rechristened Manekshaw Road.

No wonder the pizza delivery man refuses to take our orders.



WHILE POSTED AS squadron leader at the Indian Air Force Headquarter, New Delhi, I drafted an order to be circulated to all units. My bosses scrutinized the draft before sending it to the Chief of Air Staff for approval. The note returned, unapproved, with the question, ‘Since when’ in red ink.

I looked carefully and realized that the stenographer had typed “Thief of Air Staff” at the end of the order!

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