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Pierre the pilot


Pierre, a French Air Force pilot takes his girlfriend out for picnic lunch. After they’ve eaten his girlfriend leans over to him and says, ‘Kiss me Pierre.’
He grabs a bottle of red wine and splashes some on her lips.
‘Why did you do that?’ his girlfriend asked.
‘I’m Pierre the pilot, when I have my red meat, I want it with red wine.’
The two start kissing, and after a minute she asks him to kiss her breast. He takes some white wine and splashes it on her chest.
‘Why did you do that?’
‘I’m Pierre the pilot, when I have my white meat, I want it with white wine.’
They continue to make out, and she instructs him to kiss her a little lower. He takes a bottle of cognac splashes it on her, and then strikes a match. He then throws the match on her. She shrieks and dives into the river.
‘What was that for?’
‘I am Pierre the pilot, when I go down I go down in flames.’


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