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Pierre the pilot

Pierre, a French Air Force pilot takes his girlfriend out for picnic lunch. After they’ve eaten his girlfriend leans over to him and says, ‘Kiss me...

Funny Jokes

Well Done!

A man’s house is on fire. No help is in sight so he takes matters into his own hands.
He runs out of the house with his son and tells him to wait...

Funny Pictures

The Super Sale!

A man went into a store and began looking around. He saw a washer and dryer, but there was no price listed on them. He asked the sales person ‘How much are...

Comics Jokes

Three Babies in the Womb

There were three babies in a woman’s womb, and they were discussing what they would like to be when they were out in the world and grown up.
The first...

Funny Gif

Drunk And Falling Down

A drunk had been at a pub all night. At last call, the drunk stood up to leave and fell flat on his face. He tried to stand one more time, to the same result...


the dog again requests his drink

A man walks into a bar with a St. Bernard and asks for a martini. The dog requests a double martini.
The bartender says to the man “So you’re a...

Comics Jokes

Go Hunting

Two guys go hunting. Jerry has never gone hunting while Joe has hunted all his life. When they get to the northern Wisconsin woods, Joe tells Jerry to sit by a...